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What does an interior designer do?


An interior designer works with clients to remodel and/or decorate rooms and other indoor spaces to make them functional and attractive. Unlike a decorator, people in this field place a strong emphasis on making sure the space is used effectively. The designer must consider factors like the available working area and budget. Individuals may specialize in certain styles or types of interior design, such as residential or corporate, or even work in theatre or film production.

Preliminary Work Obligations

When an interior designer is called for an assignment, he or she should first meet with the client to get an understanding of the goals for the project and the client’s needs and wants. He or she must examine the space that requires design or decoration to consider how it is currently being used and how it needs to be changed; this may involve observing how people move through the room or area, and determining ways to make the space easier to use. Often, he or she will then draw up preliminary plans for the rooms redesign, including any remodelling work that will be required. Information on what materials are likely to be needed and any budget considerations may be included. In some cases, interior designers may be paid an initial consultation fee for putting together a plan.

Interior design requires a good understanding of how spaces can be used effectively and safely, as well as how the look and feel of a space can affect the people who use it. Professionals in this industry need a strong sense of colour and shape, and how they can be used together to make a space attractive. They are often called on to choose wall and floor coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, and artwork, among other room features, and decide where they should be in the room. Designers may compose a blueprint of an interior space by hand or by computer to show any changes to the area and where any new or existing objects should be placed

At Denville Designs we  often work with clients who have specific ideas about the look they want; this could involve choosing fabrics or objects that work for a particular decorating style or colour scheme. Some specialize in a certain style, such as fengshui, green or sustainable design, or modern design. Clients who are looking to create a certain style may choose a professional with expertise in that area. This knowledge is particularly important for designers hired to restore old rooms or buildings so that they are returned to their original historical look or those who work in television or films.

Even if a room does not need major remodelling, the designer may recommend smaller changes to the building structure, such as adding built-in shelving or installing larger windows. All of these changes are typically made with how the room will be used in mind, whether it’s a living room in a home or a waiting room at a hospital. Touring design studios can sometimes help gauge the needs of the client.

There are a number of different interior design subfields, including residential and commercial, and within these general areas there are additional specialties. Residential professionals work with living spaces, primarily designing rooms for new or existing homes. Some even prefer working with a specific room such as the kitchen or bathroom, or planning and creating closet spaces. At Denville Designs we have interior designers on  our  team of professionals to help with  design suggestions and recommend furniture and other objects that will look good together in a room, for further information

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