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Express Shops, Gibraltar

Now 4 shops for your convenience with a little pirate fun thrown in!

‘Catalan Bay Cove’ quaint and picturesque… but watch out for Blackbeard and his dastardly pirates they’re all around!!!That’s the theme for the latest in the ‘Express Convenience Store’ chain…

There are some, who, with all best intentions, predict certain projects they plan to undertake and then, for a variety of reasons those ideas don’t materialise… Not so, Stephen Vinales who told us many months ago that he wanted to open a chain of Express stores around the Rock. Well soon, stores 5, 6, and 7 will open but we’ll deal with those on another day. His latest is the Riviera Express convenience store and Express cafeteria (Stephano’s) at the sparkling new Riviera Land development situated at Catalan Bay village’s southernmost corner opposite La Mamela rock. This one is a true gem. It’s a themed store and cafeteria built to a very high standard in furniture, ?ttings and decor. It’s certainly one for the kids and in fact, all the family. There are pirate bursts and swashbuckling ?gures – giant size – there are cannons, sails, portholes – the lot!

The ‘Express’ follows the trend of the other three stores, in that items on offer cater for every food, snack, drinks and Carte D’or ice cream need or craving! Once again every single item is perfectly and neatly displayed as you would ?nd in a professional and true convenience store and arrives as an added convenience store for Catalan Bay residents too, but this time – not surprisingly it’s situated near the beach – the accent is on Stefano’s your Express Cafeteria, aiming at the appetites of sandwich, montadito, Spanish deli and canapes, and cakes and pastries seekers and especially those of families and children. ‘That’s right,” declares busy proprieter Stephen – who quickly informs me that the pirate theme decor was the brainchild of his wife Rose who was busy (within earshot) organising stuff!”But yes, we have loads of space inside and out. There are 30 tables seating four at each and we would really also like to attract townsfolk, especially the kids who I’m sure would really appreciate the ‘Pirate’ theme. We’re aware of the three or four restaurants in the area but we’re offering something different, lighter and really appetising”. Stephen tells me, son Zydon is still his right hand man and the crew at the Riviera Express are a great bunch.

The Riviera is indeed spacious.  Here’s a ground ?oor, ?rst ?oor and terrace… “Perfect for children’s parties,” Stephen con?rms, “Our next project, The Europa Point Express, opening soon, will also be a cafeteria and an excellent venue for other functions too.”

Meanwhile, Bucaneers and modern day pirates will no doubt be drawn to the ambient music of the Riviera Express and tasty, delightful morsels being served at Stefano’s… Open till Midnight, seven days a week and DON’T FORGET your Jolly Rodger tee shirt!! Express Shops Now 4 shops for your convenience with a little pirate fun thrown in!