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Are you feeling SAD? Have a home makeover!

Are you feeling SAD?

Have a home makeover!

SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder, and we can all be affected in a greater or lesser degree. Most of us have planned and looked forward to the Christmas and new year activities and once they have come and can we can feel a bit SAD, not to mention hard up. Summer seems a long way off and this disorder can be called winter depression or winter blues.

So, what can we do to cheer ourselves up that does not cost a fortune like a holiday in the Caribbean?

With a bit of imagination and inspiration we can throw ourselves in giving the home a makeover, so our bright ideas and schemes can give us pleasure.

First let’s think of making the home seasonal, so that your home can be cosy and warm in the winter months. Use cashmere blankets, fur throws or quilted bedspreads on your sofas, in summer these can be changed to monogrammed seersucker and cotton piqué coverlets, to give a cool fresh look.

In winter kill the electric light in the dining room and use candle light instead, scented candles are lovely with Christmas inspired scents rich and dense with cinnamon and amber, change the scent in summer for orange blossom or Jasmine.

Have fun with furniture with furniture, transform a bland bookcase by painting the back and sides with a contrasting colour and change the handles , pick up the colour across the room with an accent pillow or throw. For high drama paint one wall a strong colour, or the ceiling of your cloakroom for fun.

Another idea to make an impact is to have a favourite photo blown up according to your wall size, making it into a mural, hang it at the end of a long dreary entrance hall. Alternatively make a wall a theme with photos, all shapes and sizes of favourite family shots or sports shots, holiday shots . If you have stairs in your home these photos can look dramatic on the wall going up the stairs. Multiplication is what makes the drama, these applies to any arrangement, collect acorns or pine cones and pile them in interesting shaped bowls and cluster them on a tray on a coffee table or side table, introduce a reflective object, a mirror, silver or mercury glass into any grouping and then add some light.

On the subject of lights, a lot can be done with lights to make dramatic changes; stick on LED lights can highlight certain arrangements. Change lampshades to revamp an old or tired lamp at Denvilles we can supply some amazing lined coloured lampshades; they look much more sassy and create lovely pools of light.

Add light by hanging a mirror opposite a window, this opens up a room and doubles the amount of natural light.

Wallpaper has made a total comeback these last few years. Impress your friends by wallpapering your front entry with boldwallpaper, it creates a strong first impression and makes it seem like you have done a total makeover.

We sell odd rolls of wallpaper in Denville’s , use these to line the back of your wardrobe, it will give you joy every time you open your wardrobe door.

Cover cardboard boxes in wallpaper and put shoes,handbags, whatever you need to store.

Finally throw a party to get rid of those post winter blues, need not be expensive, every one bring a bottle and a plant or flower candle of a certain colour and hey presto what a fun way to lift your home with a fond memory behind each gift.

Remember colours and smells are an important influence over our moods so treat yourself to a scented candle after your home makeover to finish off the feel you want to create  there is a large selection from summer flowers , cashmere winter and Amrapali scented so you will be spoilt for choice .If you need any help with your makeover Denville’s offers a consultation service

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