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200+ Years later the HMS Pickle Returns

200+ Years Later, and the HMS Pickle is set to Return

The date is October the 21st1805, Admiral Horatio Nelson is kneeling upon the deck of the HMS Victory. The British are victorious once again, but Admiral Nelson has been struck by a bullet, in his spine. Three hours later the last words to escape from his lips are ‘God and my Country’…

Following his death and Britain’s victory in the Battle of Trafalgar the HMS Pickle was instructed to make the journey from Gibraltar, back to the Motherland, with the bittersweet news. The famous topsail schooner sank drastically in the bay around Cadiz, Spain on 26th July 1807.

Two hundred and five years later, Gibraltar is set to see the haunting return of the vessel. An exact replica of the 73-foot twin mastedHMS Pickle was commissioned to return to Gibraltar’s ever popular Ocean Village earlier this year. The Tourist Board was approached by operator of the ship, Robin James, who pledged to make the Pickle a permanent feature in Gibraltar.

Considering the germane antiquity shared between Gibraltar and the HMS Pickle, Minister for Tourism, Neil Costa explained that Government is thrilled with the initiative. He also noted that the Tourist Board would be assisting in the marketing of the tourism product in order to encourage as many visitors to the site, as possible.

On its journey to Gibraltar, in September, the ship was struck with its second bout of bad luck, after fighting against storms in the Irish sea and sustaining sail damage, a fishing net got sucked into the water intake, causing the engine to over heat and fail. Following this incident, the ship remained in Northern Spain awaiting repairs. It was expected to arrive in Gibraltar in time for Trafalgar day on October 21st, however following an extensive six weeks of repairs, Robin James managed to obtain a new engine from Gloucester. The mammoth task of installing the new piece saw extensive delays, but alas, the Vessel will definitely arrive in Gibraltar very soon, to a magnanimous welcome from the public.

Article provided by GYTV